The Mother of Principles in Next Level Organisations

In fact, the concept to achieve a quantum leap in performance is nothing new. It was invented in the 1950s and showed its business results in all key success dimensions, including customer, employee, shareholder and operational value-added dimensions. That is why I call it the mother of principles for organisation development. However, without understanding the underlying dynamics and without adequate time and resources to develop it failed. Finally, it fell out of general favour and ended up in promotional context.

What mother of principles do I talk about here?

High-performance teams

(wiki is the source of the above text)

As it was proofed already years ago and works, you “only” have to adapt it to your organisation and implement it correctly. It is the mother of principles for our beliefs in organisation transformation.

If you want to build a high-performance organisation, you have to follow the same principles as for building a high-performance team:

  • democratic leadership style
    — involving and engaging employees in effective decision making to build …
  • mutual trust
    — trusting in others and the organisation as an entity is the base for …
  • coordinative relationship
    — meaning high levels of collaboration which are seamlessly coordinated (not administrated) with the precondition of a …
  • transparent communication
    — ensuring that the employees construct shared meaning to define …
  • common purpose and goals
    — building (not commanding) a sense of clear focus, accountability and commitment aligned within …
  • valued diversity
    — where complementary skills, experience and background contribute to better and innovative solutions. On top considering different viewpoints but not producing roadblocks due to …
  • robust methods of resolving conflict efficiently
    — not allowing to destroy morale but freeing up consistently intense energy to fight for …
  • superior results
    — achieving both efficiency and effectiveness which means a quantum leap in performance and additionally, a …
  • positive atmosphere
    — based on collectively shared ground rules, values and self-defined responsibilities leading to an overall culture that fosters trust by acceptance and recognition, ensuring engagement and motivation by fun and patience; simply a great place to work and be

That is our understanding of the next level of performance or a quantum leap in performance.


As well the manifestum from is founded on these principles.

Be inspired by The Wisdom of Teams – Creating the High-Performance Organization by J.R. Katzenbach, J.R. 2000, Peak Performance, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, Massachusetts.

“If your challenge is to harness the energy and spirit of your workforce to deliver sustainable performance, read this book. Jon Katzenbach tells it all.” John S. Reed on the back of the book Peak Performance

And my absolute favourite:

“Forget those cookie-cutter management advisers who have the same solution for every problem. Katzenbach helps you find the right approach to energize your organization. His strategy makes sense, and it works.” John W. Rowe on the back of the book Peak Performance

Did we already mention that we are different to those cookie-cutter management advisers?

Andreas Lagger

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