High-Performance Team from OTRA – Who we are

Guidance from a High-Performance Team
based on Experience, Methodological Competence and Patience

OTRATRAnsparent Organisation TRAnsformation

To reach the next level
you need yourself to be high-performant

Yes, high-performance teams are back in vogue and so we are based on the same characteristics that are needed to succeed in transforming an organization to the next level. So, we walk the talk!

As a good high-performance team, we have common values and goals but complementary skills and talents as well as a diversity in experience and background that make us unique and creates the added value for you.

Common values


  • Courage and faith in the innovation of new organization models
  • Mutual trust which lets us overcome internal and external conflicts and reaching the next level of performance
  • Dedication to our work in the last five years in organization development, which led to superior results in reorganization and integration projects
  • Positive atmosphere at eye level and seamless cooperation with our customers, international CEOs and country / division heads


  • 15 years’ leadership experience and created the problems
  • 25 years’ management consulting and learnt to being part of the problem
  • Convincing innovator and specialist – with an MBA in Business Engineering and focused on psychology in change and soft factors in project management
  • The more intuitive decision maker
  • Powerful and consequent doer and promoter


  • 15 years’ project management experience and suffered the problems
  • 10 years’ in Business Consulting and encountered the problems
  • No MBA but proficiency in communication with focus on facilitating decisions, path-finder for solutions and integrator with high social and methodical skills
  • The more rational decision maker
  • Reliable and success-oriented implementer who ensures quality

Our methodology enables us to focus on the real problems and ensures tailored, unconventional results in shortest times – proofed for organisations from 200 to over 10000 employees. This all is what makes us different to other cookie-cutter management consultancies. That made us the high-performance team OTRA.

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