Do you know how to get a high-performer like Haier?

This is the third and last article of my series dedicated to Haier, the Asian high-performer. In my second article, I showed the steps that Haier followed in the last 30 years to reach the top. I will conclude with what we can learn from their story – how to get a high-performer ourselves.

What were the strategic, organisation, culture decisions that brought them to this state?

Here under I will collect the background, principles and the ideas that have made them different.

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The wrong track of Process Management in old economy

Wrong track in process management of old economy

The old economy is trying to keep up with all the fancy topics of the new digital age. Everybody wants to be agile, lean, high performant, responsive, digitized and of course fully based on Process Management. As a consequence, the old economy claims to have arrived in the new age.

In fact, it is not true at all – mere lip service.

The understanding of the underlying principles in Process Management in the new economy is completely different.

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News about Organisation Development – Welcome

Welcome, we are online

After several years dedicated to work internationally in organisation development, we have started a new venture towards creating a new company.


We found ourselves reinforced by some research in future organisation models beyond hierarchy.

Surprisingly there are more people thinking there is something wrong in the current organisations and there are strong movements in this area!

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Game Change — Empowerment replaces hierarchies

There is a book from Pia Struck that seems like to confirm as well our principles of Empowerment. Sadly, it is only available in German.

Reduction of Management Overhead supports Empowerment

Most all she finds hierarchies are obsolete in an organisation of the next level. Empowerment of the employees will compensate the absence of management.

I try to incorporate an abstract here soon

If anyone read it already, please leave a feedback

The Mother of Principles in Next Level Organisations

The concept to achieve a quantum leap in performance was invented in the 1950s. I call it the mother of principles for next level organisations

In fact, the concept to achieve a quantum leap in performance is nothing new. It was invented in the 1950s and showed its business results in all key success dimensions, including customer, employee, shareholder and operational value-added dimensions. That is why I call it the mother of principles for organisation development. However, without understanding the underlying dynamics and without adequate time and resources to develop it failed. Finally, it fell out of general favour and ended up in promotional context.

What mother of principles do I talk about here?

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