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Transformation to another level
— OTRA level —

OTRATRAnsparent Organisation TRAnsformation

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The meaning of another — OTRA — level

Over the last five years we were following a different consulting approach than most management consultancies – that is why we are called OTRA. We focus on bringing your organisation performance to the next level — to a high-performance organisation — by using the unused capacities of the frontline through empowerment, hence motivating them. This only works if the power in the organisation is equalized, meaning that management and process overhead is reduced. Our approach ensures a transparent base for a strategic decision to the best scenario and a consistent transformation.

High-Performance Organisations are built on
High-Performance Teams

If you want to build a high-performance organisation, you have to follow the same principles as for building a high-performance team:

  • democratic leadership style
    — involving and engaging employees in effective decision making to build …
  • mutual trust
    — trusting in others and the organisation as an entity is the base for ...
  • coordinative relationship
    — meaning high levels of collaboration which are seamlessly coordinated (not administrated) with the precondition of a ... 
  • transparent communication
    — ensuring that the employees construct shared meaning to define …
  • common purpose and goals
    — building (not commanding) a sense of clear focus, accountability and commitment aligned within …
  • valued diversity
    — where complementary skills, experience and background contribute to better and innovative solutions considering different viewpoints but not producing roadblocks due to ...
  • robust methods of resolving conflict efficiently
    — not allowing to destroy morale but freeing up consistently intense energy to fight for ...
  • superior results
    — achieving both efficiency and effectiveness which means a quantum leap in performance and additionally, a ...
  • positive atmosphere
    — based on collectively shared ground rules, values and self-defined responsibilities leading to an overall culture that fosters trust by acceptance and recognition, ensuring engagement and motivation by fun and patience; simply a great place to work and be

That is our understanding of the next level of performance or a quantum leap in performance.

Hierarchical Organisations Limitations – Case for Action

Hierarchical Organisations are Limited
in their Capability for
Dramatic Performance Improvement

OTRATRAnsparent Organisation TRAnsformation

Stagnation of hierarchical organisations 
– is this as well your situation?

Due to steady revenues and/or increased cost pressure, companies are seeking new performance improvements. There are clear restrictions for hierarchical companies to push the limits of performance further.

Management Overhead


Restructuring and cost-cutting initiatives have so far reduced the frontline and led to short term improvements. Management Structures and Overheads have not adapted leading to a higher overhead ratio and consequent loss in productivity.

Process Overhead


Optimisation has been targeting improvements in processes over the last years. Optimised processes need a higher degree of control leading to increased Process Overhead with consequent increases in bureaucracy and administration.

Due to more management and more processes overhead, employees act as soulless robots.


Due to more management and more processes overhead, employees act as soulless robots. 70% of staff are not engaged in their work. Frontline staff know all of the operational problems but are not envolved in decision making. Management know 20% of the context and take all decisions.

Benefits from Empowerment – Where to go

Lean Structures and Integrated Processes
require Employee Empowerment 
— and vice versa —

OTRATRAnsparent Organisation TRAnsformation

The route to the next level of performance

To achieve a substantial and sustainable quantum leap in performance, the used paths have to be broken. We have found that the following levers have to be pushed together to get the desired effect.

Reduction of management overhead


A precondition for good decision making is that it should take place where knowledge is greatest – at the frontline. It is no longer justified or affordable in a streamlined organisation to keep an overweight management structure. Therefore, Management has to be reduced. Even more, when there is no need for command and control.

Reduction of process overhead


Process overhead is the result of the Managers’ needs to maintain control over diverse processes. Frontline staff see themselves confronted by the need to serve a bureaucratic administration process rather than focus on getting results. Replacing administration by seamlessly coordinated collaboration will reduce the needs for control.

Increased Employee Empowerment


Employee empowerment projects are continually failing. One reason is that increasing and polarising the power in an organisation creates the potential for conflicts. Employees become frustrated when they detect that empowerment is not real and honest. Trust is broken and employees become disengaged.

Result: lean and efficient structures
Result: Integrated processes with FEWER interfaces
Consequence: Not reduction of frontline but real empowerment is needed

Transparent Organisation Transformation – What to do

Choose your Scenario to reach
the Next Level.
We ensure a Transparent Transformation

OTRATRAnsparent Organisation TRAnsformation

Reaching the next level of performance

In a steep and growing hierarchy, substantial and sustainable changes are almost impossible, as the focus of management is mainly on financial measures and the context knowledge gets lost, by delegation without added value. Our approach breaks down barriers and breaks through the organisational blindness of the management structure.

Transparency diagnostic report


Are the correct problems being addressed, or only the symptoms? Middle management knows only 20% of the problems, supervisor 70% and frontline 100%. Only a fully transparent diagnostic report — not beautified by the management — will deliver a reliable and detailed case for action.

Bundled Scenarios


Were the measures taken effective or have they produced more management overhead? Single measures alone do not lead to sustainable impacts. We derive scenarios from bundled recommendations which include unconventional solutions. This enables you to take more efficient strategic decisions on a solid base.

Consistent Transformation


Were changes consistently and successfully implemented or was only the project completion communicated? Inconsistent implementation and failure to deliver improvements leads to disillusion and disengagement. We support the implementation across the whole organisation to ensure sustainable results.

High-Performance Team from OTRA – Who we are

Guidance from a High-Performance Team
based on Experience, Methodological Competence and Patience

OTRATRAnsparent Organisation TRAnsformation

To reach the next level
you need yourself to be high-performant

Yes, high-performance teams are back in vogue and so we are based on the same characteristics that are needed to succeed in transforming an organization to the next level. So, we walk the talk!

As a good high-performance team, we have common values and goals but complementary skills and talents as well as a diversity in experience and background that make us unique and creates the added value for you.

Common values


  • Courage and faith in the innovation of new organization models
  • Mutual trust which lets us overcome internal and external conflicts and reaching the next level of performance
  • Dedication to our work in the last five years in organization development, which led to superior results in reorganization and integration projects
  • Positive atmosphere at eye level and seamless cooperation with our customers, international CEOs and country / division heads


  • 15 years’ leadership experience and created the problems
  • 25 years’ management consulting and learnt to being part of the problem
  • Convincing innovator and specialist – with an MBA in Business Engineering and focused on psychology in change and soft factors in project management
  • The more intuitive decision maker
  • Powerful and consequent doer and promoter


  • 15 years’ project management experience and suffered the problems
  • 10 years’ in Business Consulting and encountered the problems
  • No MBA but proficiency in communication with focus on facilitating decisions, path-finder for solutions and integrator with high social and methodical skills
  • The more rational decision maker
  • Reliable and success-oriented implementer who ensures quality

Our methodology enables us to focus on the real problems and ensures tailored, unconventional results in shortest times – proofed for organisations from 200 to over 10000 employees. This all is what makes us different to other cookie-cutter management consultancies. That made us the high-performance team OTRA.

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